A Swimming Pond

Anyone can build a swimming pool in their back yard, but it takes a special kind of person to build a swimming pond in their back yard.

Never heard of a swimming pond before? Prepare yourself, it’s a phenomenal idea that this unique family embraced. They constructed one in their own yard and the results were more epic than you could ever imagine.

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Obama imposes sanctions against America

Details of the attack on the Declaration of Indepence

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Army Girls from different countries

Here comes Hottest Girls serving in Police and Army from different countries around the world. They are sexy, smart,and ready to fight.

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Old things turned into creative household objects

If you have things you don`t use anymore you can transform them into household objects, which make your house a unique one.

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Chewbacca & Co

A cute cosplay inspired by Star Wars.

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The life of Evenk Vladimir Bagadaev

In the frozen wilderness of northern Russia, reindeer herder Vladimir Bagadaev lives alone, braving temperatures of -60c and even sleeping outside to protect his animals.
The 46-year-old is one of a tiny population of Siberian indigenous people, known as the Evenks, whose association with reindeer dates back to prehistory.

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Deers on London streets

These shy animals decided that it is right time to go out into the world.

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Grandchildren and grandparents change their clothes

It`s a funny experiment, in which twenty-somethings and their grandparents together wearing their own clothes and then in the clothing belonging to the other person. Here are the results of the unusual exchange.

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Ridiculously good looking 60-year-old model

Some women look graet even when they are not young. An American model and actress Christie Brinkley is a good example of it.

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Funny windshield notes

People should know they shouln`t park like idiots.

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